A new week for staff at Emoov looks to be starting with continuing lack of uncertainty – although they could hear very shortly what their future holds.

They have been told that if they keep working for at least today and tomorrow there is “a fair possibility” that they could be paid for last month by a new owner.

In an email from CEO Russell Quirk at the weekend, staff have been told: “If we had a definite offer I’d be telling you all is good and things carry on. If we had no buyer at all rather than three potential buyers as we do, I’d be telling you that and putting the business into administration.

“The reality is that neither of those is accurate and we are between those two situations. You must understand that despite the very best endeavour, if a buyer has not yet signed on the line, it’s impossible to make them do that.

“I cannot and am not compelling you to do anything at all but simply state the situation as it is:

“If you continue until Monday/Tuesday there is a fair possibility that you will be paid for November and your employment will continue under the new owner. If you leave now you will not receive payment from the new owner and will have to claim from the Redundancy Service which is capped at £508 per week per claim for back pay, notice and redundancy.

“You are free to seek other employment however.

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing else that I can say until we have tied up an offer and … via the latest phone call with buyers just now, that remains ongoing.

“Be clear, the issue here is that I am holding out to try to cover your salaries. That’s what’s taking the time as it’s nearly half a million pounds.”

The email bears out what EYE was told by Quirk on Friday evening that there were three potential buyers for the business.

A source also told us that a pre-pack administration would likely be completed early this week.

Separately, at the weekend, both Emoov and Tepilo listings seemed to vanish off Zoopla.

“Our model is based around flexibility and transparency”, explained James. “Our doors don’t close at 5pm like most estate agents. At James Black Homes we go further. We’re open from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, giving you greater flexibility.”