Outspoken estate agent Chris Wood has found himself a media hero since speaking out over Brexit on Question Time.

But he now says he should have gone further and attacked the Bank of England’s “reckless” prediction of a 30% drop in house prices, which he says is losing estate agents business.

Wood was in the live audience when he made comments which have been featured in both local and national media, with calls for him to be on the Question Time panel, to stand for Parliament, and even to become Prime Minister.

Wood said: “I was opinionated, as you’d expect. I didn’t hold back.

“The discussion was about a no-deal Brexit, or a bad deal.

“My point was that while we hear a lot about a bad deal, it is always doom and gloom.

“The Bank of England has painted a scenario of having to plan for the worst scenario when we leave.

“But why doesn’t it paint a worst case scenario for what would happen if we stayed in?

“If we did, we might have to bail out Spain, Greece, Portugal. The arguments we are hearing are simply not balanced.”

What really brought “a roar” of applause from the rest of the audience, according to the Daily Express, however, was his declaration: “We’re an independent nation. We’re a nation of innovators.

“We have always done well. There is no reason why we cannot do well again.”

Wood told EYE he had always been a fan of Question Time – “I am one of those who shouts at the television” – and said he could not resist the opportunity to attend when it was broadcast from his children’s old school just outside Penzance.

He said: “However, thinking about it since, I wish I had spoken out about the Bank of England specifically forecasting that house prices would drop 30% in its worst-case scenario.

“I do not believe there is any other industry where the Bank would think it OK to make such a forecast, with such damaging repercussions for trading.

“They wouldn’t do it to the steel industry, for example, but they seem to think it is perfectly all right to do it for property.

“As a direct result, agents are losing house sales due to this scaremongering. We ourselves have lost two in the last few days.

“It is an absolutely crazy, reckless thing for the Bank to have done.”

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