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Sales & Lettings

Our levels of service, prices and what’s included.

We’re well aware that most people search for their next home online in the evenings and weekends, so we’re available 8am – 8pm as a matter of course to ensure that enquiries about your home are dealt with swiftly and to a very high standard.

If you are taking advantage of our fully managed lettings service, this means we’re available longer, at your convenience.

Transparency is Key

Our super transparent pricing allows you to see the your costs upfront and no hidden extra charges, guaranteed.

Tired of hidden charges? Our pricing is super transparent so you can decide the levels of service you require and know the costs upfront.Our fee structure allows you to see the costs upfront with no hidden extra charges guaranteed.

Selling your home

What’s included when we sell your property

We understand that the property market can be volatile at times. With that in mind, we absolutely refuse to charge you any money up front, and we won’t be springing any last minute hidden fees on you either.

Our fee is a simple, 1% plus vat of the sale price including all marketing

Our sales service is uniquely tailored for each individual property to help achieve maximum results. Featuring 3D virtual tours, drone videos and professional photography along with premium listings, featured properties and enhanced brochures.

All this marketing and much more is covered within your fee; we pay you don’t.

What’s Included

Personal valuation
Pre-sale advice
Single point of contact
Professional photography (20 images)
Premium Listing on Rightmove
For Sale board
Buyer registration
Viewings management
Offer negotiations
Premium brochure
Sales progression
Full support, 7 days a week
Dedicated relationship manager
Energy Performance Certificate
Fully accompanied viewings
3D Virtual Tour
Social media advertising package
No call centres no excuses

Showcase your property with a 3D Virtual Tour

For the ultimate presentation of you property, 3D Virtual tours allow remote buyers to get a more personal connection with your property.

3D Virtual Tours are an online experience for homebuyers like no other. Buyers are able to move through a property and see it from any angle. Our distinct ‘Dollhouse View’ provides homebuyers a completely unique sense of the home.

Benefits to having a Virtual Tour

  • Real-world dimensions
  • The most engaging way to sell a home
  • Completely immersive interactive photo quality experience
  • Stand out from from the competition
  • Highlights property features
  • Virtual reality ready
  • Reduces time wasters viewing your home
  • 95% more likely to call
  • Virtual Tours have now exceeded 100,000,000 hits online

3D Virtual Tour Demo

3D Virtual Tours are included as standard in our gold package. Take a look at our example and see the quality of the imagery and how easy it is to use.


Here at James Black Homes, we have been successfully letting and managing property for over 20 years.

Our experienced team will take care of every aspect when it comes to letting and managing your property. Whether you have just one property or a portfolio we would love to hear from you. We appreciate not all landlords are the same, that is why we offer a choice of services to suit your requirements.

Fully managed service

Our fully managed service is more popular amongst the majority of our landlords/investors.

Comprising of all of the above services from our Let Only service but also includes the everyday management of your property for the duration of the agreement between yourself and the tenant.

Below you will find a detailed comparison table outlining the different levels of service. To find out in more detail about our services please call 0333 443 3330.

Let only

If you are a seasoned landlord and are fully accomplished of what is required from you as a landlord then this service maybe for you.

Our Let only service is exactly that. We will extensively market your property through traditional methods whilst at the same time embracing online technology. Or alternatively, we offer a comprehensive full property management service where you can relax and we will take care of everything on your behalf from letting your property to everyday ongoing management. Regardless of which service you opt for you can rest assured that you will receive a 5-star service from our dedicated lettings team.

Within our tenant find service, we will market your property, carry out accompanied viewings, and negotiate on your behalf to find a suitable tenant at the right price. Upon a successful negotiation we will carry out detailed referencing checks and arrange successful collection of your first month’s rent, deposit bond, and finally formulate a tenancy agreement between yourself and the successful tenant. Call us on 0333 443 3330 to find out more.

Landlord Services

What’s included when we sell your property

Service Let Only Fully Managed
Advice on all aspects of our lettings service and your duties as a landlord from a compliant and experienced team.
Extensive Online & Offline Marketing (This will include full advertising and marketing of your property on major web portals, on our own website, social media and in branch.
Erection of a To Let board – where applicable.
Organising and undertaking all accompanied viewings with prospective tenants.
Negotiating offers and formulating an agreement on your behalf with your approval.
Detailed Referencing Checks.
Drawing up and arranging a sign up of the tenancy agreement.
Collection of first month’s rent & deposit bond.
Carrying out a full property inventory and condition report including meter readings.
Conducting a check out report at the end of the tenancy, checked against the original inventory.
Monthly rent collection and statements.
Check in and Check out of tenants.
Ongoing day to day property management.
Arrange and organise tradesmen as and when required with our recommended or your own preferred contractors.
Access to our trusted reliable contractors.
Approaching your tenants to carry out a renewal or to remarket the property in advance of the tenancy agreement ending to minimise void periods.
Conducting property visits at regular intervals which will include sending you photos to allow you to see how your tenant is living.

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Approved Agent

We are proud to be members of both ‘The Property Ombudsman’ and the ‘NAEA’ striving to offer the best possible service.

Approved Agent

We are proud to be members of both ‘The Property Ombudsman’ and the ‘NAEA’ striving to offer the best possible service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your fees compared to other local agents?2017-12-21T11:46:45+00:00

We are highly competitive. Most agents try to charge between 1% and 1.5% plus Vat, plus extras. This is why we offer 3 different packages to suit your home and your requirements.

James Black Homes Bronze
A competitive online service but with the assurance you are listing your home at the right value via proficient local knowledge. Expert advice to make sure you are representing your home in the best possible light.

James Black Homes Silver
We are half the price of standard agency fees like for like but not half the service. You already know other agents don’t like to disclose their fee structure. This package is all you need to maximise the value achieved for your home; because we understand every penny counts. We will be on hand from the start 7 days a week.

James Black Homes Gold
How many times have you had your home valued and never heard from the valuer again? No other agent offers this quality of marketing, this level of personal service and this level of marketing exposure to maximise your value.

More about our packages.

What are your fees?2017-01-20T09:56:51+00:00

The vast majority of estate agents never publish their fees. Why? Because they charge what they can get away with. If they can achieve a higher fee than your neighbour is paying, then they will. This is how estate agency has been run for the last 50 years.

We believe that this is wrong. So we have decided to be one of the very few UK estate agents to publish our fees. We also offer 3 simple service options so you can choose which service is right for you. From a simple listing online for a fixed fee, to a full bespoke personal concierge style service, we have a structure which will suit you.

You provide a personal service? Does that make your more expensive than other agents?2017-01-20T10:04:53+00:00

Not at all. We’re competitive with others and in many cases cheaper than the high street. Our service is in line with other online selling and letting agents. However, with us you get the added knowledge that we have a real local expert on hand to help when needed.

Our Standard service is more competitive than most other agents. You will have seen that the vast majority of agents don’t advertise their fees anywhere. However, the industry average is 1.5%. We beat that hands down. A personal service for a sensible fee.

Our premium service is unique. No other agent delivers this quality of marketing, this standard of personal service, and this level of expertise. However, our fee for this is still the same as most agents charge for their basic service. All in all, we believe we offer a higher level of service than a standard high street or online agent, but with sensible fees.

Why don’t you have offices?2017-03-31T15:19:06+01:00


The answer is simple. You don’t need them anymore. We are a hybrid agency that has offices but not on the high street. There is no longer a requirement to have such large overheads, we can therefore pass this cost saving to you; the client.

90% of people now search online for a property (source: rightmove). It is impossible to envisage someone looking for a property to buy and not look on one of the main UK portals like rightmove©

Here’s a few other reasons why there is no longer a need for an office on the high street:

  • Many more people now view properties in the evenings and at weekends. This is when most estate agents are closed. But we can operate just as effectively from our hub or remotely out of office hours, late in to the evening and on weekends. Therefore, we can be operational 7 days a week without needing to have front of office staff or receptionists.
  • Estate agents will tell you that a network of offices attracts more buyers. Not the case. Everyone who searches online will call or email about a property regardless of which agent is marketing that home.
  • Offices within companies never speak to each other. The manager of one office is in competition with the neighbouring branches and for that reason will rarely share buyers or sellers.
  • A lot of agencies are ‘hidden’ franchises that you may not be aware of. They look after themselves at the detriment of the client.
  • You don’t need to visit an office to sell a property. We conduct everything face to face at a location of your choice.
Why should I choose you to sell my home?2017-03-31T15:17:40+01:00

There are on average 14 estate agents for every location in the UK. They all promise to deliver. But few do. The industry has a terrible reputation for laziness, secrecy and underhand tactics. We’re not like other estate agents. We’re different.

We operate a unique business model that works. We offer 3 levels of service to suit everyone. We have won a major UK award for every year we have been trading. Our staff are highly skilled, highly trained and highly motivated. We operate under 5 core values; personal relationships, exceptional service, bespoke marketing, transparency and honesty, and a commitment to innovation. Read more about us.

How long will it take for my sale to complete?2017-02-17T11:52:13+00:00

It all depends on how many homes are involved in the chain. It can be as quick as 6-8 weeks but with lending criteria being more stringent than ever before expect 10 weeks just to be safe. If there are numerous properties involved in the sale, this can slow things down dramatically and there is always that chance it may fall through. So, make sure you have the right agent and the right solicitor to minimise any potential risks.

Should I use a local agent?2017-02-17T11:53:07+00:00

Every time. They are best placed to value your home, understand the local market and know what buyers are looking for. All this leads to maximising the amount of money you achieve for your property.

What is the forecast for the housing market?2017-02-17T11:54:17+00:00

With a rapidly growing population and interest rates remaining at an all-time low the forecasts for the coming years are positive. In the past, we have seen sudden rises and falls in values leading to some uncertainty but we are finally in a stable market allowing us to make accurate predictions.

Maximising Your Exposure

To ensure your property receives maximum exposure, utilising the best channels, we’ve partnered with the UK’s major property websites to help your property sell fast!

Whether you’re a seasoned home owner, a first-time buyer, or an owner of rural land, our advice is always tailored, and transparent. Our strong local market knowledge, informed by in-house sector-leading research, ensures you receive the best possible advice every time, and ultimately the most amount of money for your property.

Bespoke marketing is vital

We sell hundreds of properties a year but we tailor our marketing to suit each one individually. We have our own in-house photographers and floor planning, brochure and advertisement designers to make sure that your property looks its best and stands out in this competitive market. We advertise widely, through all the major property portals, local newspapers, Leeds Bradford Airport, all social media platforms, not to mention our new website.

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