How much is your home worth?

Valuing a property for sale accurately is a skillful business. Anyone can have an opinion on what they think a property may be worth. However, pricing a property at the correct value whilst ensuring that they achieve the best possible price is a whole different ball game and something which is critical to James Black Homes.

Our expert local knowledge enables us to know exactly how much a property is worth and the best way in which to market that home. There is a fine line between enough and too much. Over valuing your property leads to it languishing on the market and becoming stale. Clients then question why hasn’t it sold, there must be something wrong with it, all leading to a complete lack of enquiries for your home. That’s why we don’t over-value your property to coax you into instructing us.

No two homes are the same. It’s only by taking the time to understand the quirks, layout, charms and features of the properties we sell that we’re able to get the maximum possible price. If you’re just wanting a rough idea of your property value, we can offer a you ‘desktop valuation’, where we carry out some basic research using a combination of land registry data, comparable properties which have sold in your area and current properties on the market.

To book a valuation today please complete the valuation form and we will arrange a day and time that suits you.

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